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Lake Erie Charter Boat Fishing ~ Ashtabula, Ohio ~ home of legendary walleye catches!!

                Looking for walleye, yellow perch, steelhead trout, or smallmouth bass fishing charters on Lake Erie? You've come to the right
                place!! LUCKY STRIKE fishing charters is a premier Lake Erie charter boat fishing Lake Erie from the ports of Ashtabula,
                Geneva, and Conneaut, Ohio. Our area of the lake is renowned for trophy walleye, yellow perch, smallmouth bass, and
                steelhead trout.





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               Welcome aboard the "LUCKY STRIKE" where we welcome the novice and experienced anglers alike. We encourage
               maximum angler participation, which will certainly make your Lake Erie fishing charter more enjoyable, whether it be walleye,
               yellow perch, smallmouth bass or steelhead trout....Captain Art will get you participating and part of your fishing charter by
               getting involved with setting all the fishing gear and landing your catch as well!!

               Fishing charters on Lake Erie provide entertainment for a wide variety of customers ranging from youth anglers to the masters
               of the game, female anglers and businessmen entertaining their customers who love the outdoors. Looking for a vacation
               which the whole family may participate in? Try our charter fishing in Lake Erie - it ranks as one of the best!

               We are docked in the central basin of Lake Erie at Kister Marina in Ashtabula, Ohio. Ashtabula fishing charters are renowned
               for their trophy sized walleye, yellow perch, smallmouth bass, and steelhead trout. Our great lakes charter fishing is recognized
               as some of the best fresh water fishing in the world and Lake Erie has been dubbed "the walleye capital of the world" Pound
               for pound we simply out-produce most other areas of the lake. If you are looking for that trophy to hang on the wall you are
               visiting the right place....... Ashtabula, Geneva and Conneaut waters of Ohio in the central basin of Lake Erie - truly fishing
               charters on Lake Erie with the true trophy size that can't be beat!

                                                                                  Ashtabula, Ohio Lake Erie Fishing charter guide

               Captain Art Miller is your Lake Erie fishing charter guide. He encourages you to take a look around, ask questions, check
               testimonials and references or join our mailing list for reports and tips and you'll soon see why LUCKY STRIKE fishing charters
               will add value to your choice of Lake Erie charter fishing boats. Please be aware that you on on big water and always ask about
               the quality of the boat you will be on....we have two upper ended fishing charter boats on the water! The "Lucky Strike", a
               Rampage Sportsman and the "Bring It On", a Blackfin Combi. Don't accept cheap imitations when it comes to your safety and
               well being!!

              Captain Art has over thirty years of experience fishing the great lakes. Business and executive boat charters are his specialty
              and he knows how to entertain your customers. From the moment you step foot aboard the "LUCKY STRIKE" and observe her
              good looks, sleek lines, and first class equipment you will be happy that you chose us as your next Lake Erie fishing charter.

              Statistics tell us that there are over 50 million Americans in this country who fish. Fishing ranks as the 4th most popular
              participation sport in the nation on the average and 1st in some states. More Americans fish than play golf and tennis combined!

women anglers fishermen lake erie ashtabula ohio                                                                                                      Information for female anglers
                                                                                            11.9 million women age 7 and older fish. That's more than the number who

                                                                                             participate in jogging, basketball, volleyball, softball, golf or tennis. 26.8 percent
                                                                                             of all anglers are female representing 8 percent of the U.S. female population.
                                                                                             The number of women fishing increased more than men in recent years and the
                                                                                             region that experienced the largest increase was the northeast....
                                                                                             right in Lake Erie's back yard! 
                                                                                             LUCKY STRIKE fishing charters would like to encourage women looking for a
                                                                                             different outdoor entertainment experience to give us a call and try Lake Erie
                                                                                             charter boat fishing. We fish for popular fresh water species such as trophy
                                                                                             walleye, steelhead trout, smallmouth bass, and yellow perch and I'm sure you will
                                                                                             find the privacy of the clean, enclosed bathroom on the Lucky Strike one of the
                                                                                             amenities you'll be happy to have while aboard. Give Captain Art a call to
                                                                                             discuss your next fishing experience in the great outdoors.  We can handle
                                                                                             single charters to multiple boat corporate outings.

                                                                                   Corporate, executive and business charters

            This is an area of our expertise and we know how to handle all of your vacation plans and entertain your employees or customers.
            Whatever your needs, the captain will accommodate them. From running your fishing trip to making all of your itinerary plans for
            your Lake Erie fishing charter vacation, Lucky Strike is ready to respond to your requests. In our area the boats running fishing
            charters on Lake Erie are insured for parties of up to 6 people. This means that large groups or businesses will require multiple
            boats. We have the capabilities of multiple charter boats if you require them. We work with a group of excellent captains with
            quality equipment and look forward to helping you with all of your fishing requirements

            Let your next strike be on a LUCKY STRIKE fishing charter for Lake Erie walleye, steelhead trout, smallmouth
            bass, or yellow perch.......you will not be disappointed. 

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                         If you would like to see if a certain date is available for your next
                                    Lake Erie fishing charter call us at

     lake erie charter ashtabula                       For your next sport fishing charters on Lake Erie, fishing for the elusive trophy walleye, yellow perch, smallmouth
                        bass, or steelhead trout call Captain Art at 440-997-7010 or 440-599-1028. We are docked in Ashtabula Ohio,
                        Lake Erie and regularly fish the Lake Erie ports of Ashtabula, Geneva, and Conneaut, Ohio
LUCKY STRIKE sport fishing - Lake Erie fishing charters
                        6101 McNutt Ave.
                        Ashtabula, Ohio 44004

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                        Visit the "
LUCKY STRIKE" at the dock, lucky #7 at Kister Marina, Ashtabula, Ohio

                        If you would like to request general information about Lake Erie fishing charters click ask the captain
                        Lucky Strike........an Ashtabula Ohio Lake Erie fishing charter boat bringing corporate, executive, business,
                        novice and experienced anglers from all over the world an exciting fresh water fishing experience. Ladies.....
                        no need to let the men have all the fun. Get your group together and let the guys play Mr. mom while you go fishing!


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                       Looking for other things to do while visiting in Ashtabula, Ohio?  Ashtabula County Ohio is Ohios largest county,
                       with the largest grape growing region in Ohio which nets 20 wineries to visit.  Ashtabula is also home to Americas
                       longest and shortest covered bridges, with 18 bridges to visit.  Ashtabula County has over 30 miles of Lake Erie
                       shoreline with 4 beaches and 2 lighthouses.  There are three state designated scenic rivers where during the
                       season you can catch steelhead trout.  There are campgrounds, museums and historical sites, golf courses and
                       a historical shopping district right in Ashtabula to name a few more.  Have fun visiting Ashtabula and if you need
                       more information other than our huge trophy sized walleye charters in Ashtabula please ask the captain!

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